Digital Marketing and Production

I am very proud of my work in social media and content creation.   I have worked as a freelance social media manager and content creator for the past two years specializing in social media platforms, blogs, publications, and email marketing.  If your small business or creative project could use some help with it’s digital marketing, contact me today.

I collaborate with my clients to plan, implement, and manage their digital marketing campaigns. I also provide WordPress management, podcasting and video production services. Social media is a great marketing tool, and great content is what makes it work.


For more information on my digital marketing work, feel free to check out my LinkedIn Page or download a copy of my resume. 

As a producer, I have organized countless commercial shoots, independent productions, and live events.  I have worked with a number of production companies, and I know a wide network of freelance DPs, grips, PAs, Directors, and shooters.  If you’re looking for a producer that can get you in contact with the right people contact me, today!

For more information and to speak further about my portfolio you can e-mail me directly at