Anna Goldfarb’s Lockdown Tips

Anna Goldfarb’s Lockdown Tips

How are you doing? I know this was a difficult week for The United States. I’m sure you’re feeling the stress of it– along with the stress of this lingering pandemic.

In the past two months, four black people, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and George Floyd, were murdered. Justice took it’s sweet ass time, and for some, it hasn’t been found. The country seems to be reaching a tipping point. I couldn’t do an episode this week without mentioning these incidents, or how you can help. So, I share with you ways to help and how to check in with your friends who may be extra sensitive to the situation.

I recorded my conversation with Anna Goldfarb a few weeks ago. I want my episodes to be an escape from the COVID-19 madness, so I wanted to talk to Anna about a few articles she’s written for The New York Times. Anna’s pieces often deal with interpersonal relationships with some fun lifestyle tips. In the episode, she tells us how to mediate difficult conversations with your roommates and the phenomenon of zoom weddings. It’s a fun little conversation that will get your mind off the apocalypse.

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