Back in The Saddle–My New Podcast

Back in The Saddle–My New Podcast


It’s been a few months since I tossed Jo Pincushion aside and started doing comedy in NYC under my real name. It still feels weird. It’s like being on a boat for 6 months and hitting dry land. I still have sea legs. I especially felt those wobbly knees while producing my new podcast, Apocalypse…Now?

It’s been years since I put together a podcast, and I wondered if people were still interested. I had the idea for the show for awhile, and  I originally wanted to launch the show the day of Trump’s inauguration. My depression and workload prevented me from doing so and the idea just stayed in the back of my mind.

The idea refused to go away, so I figured it was my brain’s way of asking to work through my depression. So I made the podcast–better late than never, right? I’m actually glad I produced the show when I did–because I forgot how much goddamn work it was to produce a podcast. I spent the summer stocking up on interviews, and I’m editing and releasing episodes every Tuesday through November 7th. So get ’em while they’re hot!

Season 1 is shaping up to be a good one.

I kick things off with my friend Chris Illuminati from Bit Comedy. Yes, we talk about his last name.

The second episode features Philadelphia Punk legend Rodney Anonymous of The Dead Milkmen.

My girl Tibbie X from Reagan Youth rounds out the first three episodes.

The latest episode was kind of surreal. If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog and listener of my former podcast, The Pincushion, you’ll remember Jackie. In this conversation, instead of being two single –mostly drunk– sex positive commentators…Jackie and I talk about our mental health. It was odd talking with Jackie in 2017 with the crumbling world making the weight of adulthood exceptionally heavy on both of our lives.

Gone are the days of marathoning Breaking Bad and flooded basements. We’re full-blown adults now– with full-blown problems…

..and we’re going by our real names.

I was nervous the day I launched the podcast. It’s been awhile since I’d made anything, and I didn’t know if anyone was still interested. Lucky for me, people seem to like the podcast! It already has a 5-star rating on iTunes and is rapidly approaching 1,000 downloads. My anxiety is starting to subside, but don’t worry….I assure you it’s still there.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my podcast and have a listen. It would mean the world to me if you wrote a review too. This is just the beginning of creating content under my real name. I have a lot more ideas for some really great content–including a web series that I just launched a GoFundMe for.

But that’s another blog post.



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