Ep. 0: Apocalypse…Now? Teaser Trailer

Climate change. Flat Earthers. Alex Jones. North Korea. ISIS. The Alt Right. Social Justice Warriors. Black Bloc — and THEY’RE BRINGING BACK ROSANNE? Wtf isn’t Dan dead? What kind of world are we living in?

I wake up every morning with a sense of dread. What national tragedy has befallen us today? Black is white. Up is down. Nothing makes sense anymore, so I keep asking myself…

“Shit…is the world about to end?”

I’m Jo Anna Van Thuyne. An actor, comedian, and filmmaker that’s… just really having a hard time right now. Join me on Tuesday, September 5th for the first season of Apocalypse…Now? A podcast where I sit down with a few of my friends to discuss the possibility that we may be living during the end times.

So tune in to find out if we’re on a one-way ticket to Judgement Day, or if I’m simply getting old and out of touch. Subscribe today wherever you get your podcasts.

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Jo Anna Van Thuyne is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker residing in New York. Check her Snapchat/Twitter/Insta @JoPincushion, and like her Facebook Page.

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