Gamal ElSawah’s Wormhole

Gamal ElSawah’s Wormhole

While Trump denies the fact that having COVID-19 is a big deal the rest of the country is sending in their mail-in ballot. I don’t know about you but I have a feeling this election is going to be a drawn-out nightmare, and the only thing keeping me together is the fact it’s October.

This week, I talk with fellow Apocalypse Podcast Network podcaster, Gamal ElSawah about their new sci-fi comedy web series, Wormholes. This hot new piece of content drops on the internet on October 14th, and I am thrilled to give you the tea on this quarantine produced show.

This is your weekly reminder to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF BABY YODA GO VOTE. There’s no stopping this one-way ticket to an awkward Thanksgiving, and the only thing you can to do make sure you have a say is by casting your vote–so do it!

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