Goodbye 28 Hello 29 (Feelin’ Fine)

Goodbye 28 Hello 29 (Feelin’ Fine)

So I’m turning 29 tomorrow.

I’m sorry…I just said that out loud.

Even though I feel like I’m getting old, looking back on my 20’s, I can say that they have been the best years of my life, so far.  28 wasn’t that bad either.  I knew that I wanted to put together a wrap up, but I didn’t realize all of the stuff I did until I actually put it together.  So here it is; Goodbye 28–ello 29!

I played a creature in a horror short 

But Jo Pincushion, we didn’t see it.  Oh Yeah, well  I haven’t either?  Either way…it took 4 hours to get me into full makeup and I spent 9 hours nearly naked in my friend’s basement pretending to be a monster,  so I think it’s worth mentioning. Let’s hope we actually see the short in 2014.

Gogo in NYC for Excelsior Burlesque 

After my gogo skills were debuted in Philadelphia I was asked to gogo for Excelsior Burlesque in NYC.  The theme was heaven and hell, and my outfits were adorable and sexy (as always).  I made a ton of money in tips, so I spent the next day in Times Square playing tourist.  I saw Matthew Broderick on Broadway (YES he’s still adorable).

I also went to Madame Tussauds to take selfies with various wax figures. *Sigh* that’s the closest I’ll ever get to high-fiving the pope and kissing Anderson Cooper.

Got to work with David Morse and The Army

Yeah, I got to drive around David Morse in my tiny Subaru while getting lost on an Army base–but that’s production!  Not only was it pretty cool to meet David, but I got to talk to a lot of U.S. soldiers.   It was nice having conversations with people I wouldn’t normally seek out, and I have a new found respect for the people that are putting themselves on the line for us.  It was a great two weeks,  except for the first day.  Tent camp + rain + no GPS = stressed Jo Pincushion.

John and Brittany’s Paper Planes

When a bunch of my friends needed help making an awesome music video for two of my other friends I really couldn’t say no.  The incredibly talented Nicole Agostino directed this colorful and imaginative video for John and Brittany.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was to throw paper planes at John Faye.

Here’s the video in case you missed it!:

I was in a commercial 

Even though the director forced me to say the word “shmiscuit” a million times  at the audition–my one line didn’t make the final cut, but dayum do I still look sassy!  I got a bunch of fake tattoos to look “edgier”.  Which is ironic because I almost lost the gig due to a lack of tattoos.  See mom? Tattoos GET me jobs!

Here’s the commercial!:

I hung out with Stan Lee again

I almost didn’t get to go to Wizard World this year. But the, Stan Lee stepped in saved the day! I was hired by his company to walk around the event with a bottle of  Stan’s new cologne and spray down all of the geeks and cosplayers.  I really loved the coplayers that stayed in character the whole time.
The best part about this whole experience?  I got to put together a video for  That’s right, I’m on Stan Lee’s website!:

My Ursula Cosplay was awesome

Special thanks/fist bumps goes out to Alexa O’Neil on this dress.  She suggested a form fitting mermaid cut (ironic) with badass tentacles flaring out at the bottom.  She even helped me find this amazing wig that I need to wear again.  My makeup was done by the super talented Lauren Palmer.  I wish she lived in my closet so that she could do my makeup every day.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, my camera crew wasn’t able to make the convention that day.  I had no video to accompany my expensive cosplay.  Thankfully, Newt Wallen and Underbelly was there!  They put together this hilarious convention coverage, and were nice enough to include my Ursula cosplay.

The Welcome to Anhedonia Premiere

My long time friend Kevin Kelly has a dream, and that dream is to entertain the world with puppets.  If that isn’t something I should support, I don’t know what is.  So I used my producing/event planning skills to help organize the Welcome to Anhedonia’s premiere at PhilaMOCA.  I asked a few of my friends to shimmy and take their cloths off and Mr. Dead Guy showed up. I even played a peasant for Miss Liberty Rose’s Monty Python act.  She made me cut a coconut in half for her.  Just so you know, cutting a coconut is NOT easy,  I had to use a handsaw for a half hour.  *Shakes head* the things I do for Miss Liberty Rose.

If you haven’t seen the Welcome to Anhedonia pilot 1) What is wrong with you? 2) Here it is:

I got a Sister-in-Law (aka Matt got married)

In family news, I finally got the sister I’ve been asking for since I was 5.  What took so long?  Heather is my favorite family member, and I’ve only known her for about 3 years.  Way to go Pincushion clan, she strolls into the family and surpasses all of you by buying me Sephora for Christmas.  Oh, and I guess I could mention that I’m happy for my brother and blah blah blah–but really, having Heather in our ranks has started to really create a change in the Pincushion family.   We’re all a little more fun loving, and my brother is less of an old man… sometimes.  Matt and Heather are a pretty good looking couple too, so that means my nieces and nephews will be cuter than yours.

Texas Chainsaw Musical 

Rosanne DellAversano of Bootless Stageworks sent me the script to Texas Chainsaw Musical. This was shortly after their production of Evil Dead the Musical closed.   I sent her an e-mail saying, “You had me at blind pregnant census worker.”  It was fun playing a character that didn’t have any famous interpretation.  It left me with a lot of freedom and I had a lot of fun in the process.

It was no Evil Dead, but it sure was fun gutting someone on stage.

Squeezed into my TARDIS dress for Philly Nerd Nite

I was thrilled when Chris Cummins asked me to speak at Nerd Nite Philly at Frankford Hall.  I pitched the idea of discussing “The Psychology of Cosplay” and was a bit overwhelmed when it was accepted.  I didn’t major in psychology–but I did my research, compiled my presentation, and stuffed myself into my TARDIS dress one last time.  Everyone enjoyed the presentation, and I didn’t look like a moron during the Q & A portion.  Go me!  I hope they ask me back in 2014.  I have so many ideas!

Got spanked at The Philly Podcast Festival 

First off, I nearly lost my shit when I saw the size of my photo in City Paper.  I was already honored enough to be asked by Nathan Kuruna to help with ideas and promoting the festival.  He even asked me to give a presentation at PhillyCam and moderate a panel.

When it came time for The Pincushion to record live at PhilaMOCA I had to make it different.  I also had to say goodbye to one of my bffs Allieharch who was leaving the podcast.  What better way to send her off than by inflicting pain on her while testing her geek cred?  Allie was such a good sport, and I think she actually liked it.  Don’t worry.  I don’t beat my cohosts without taking my own punishment.  Rev-MacKenzie Moltov gave me a good spanking, and I couldn’t sit for a day.

Geek Awards Dress

Again, big ups to mah gurl Alexa O’Neil for helping me take my ideas and making them a reality.  Not only did my boobs look great in this dress, but it lit up! What the whaaaaat? Yep!  I went to The Philadelphia Geek Awards looking like a million bucks, but maybe it had something to do with my handsome date.

For once, people didn’t know whether to  stare at my boobs or the lights on  my dress.  I loved watching their inner struggle throughout the night.

Myrtle Beach

I very rarely get to go on vacation. I’m so glad Michelle invited me to join her and a few awesome friends in Myrtle Beach this summer.  We didn’t even go bar hopping, all we did was chill.  People took turns cooking various meals and we had a great time relaxing with one another.  I hope this becomes an annual tradition, because after watching Miley Cyrus hump Robin Thicke together–things were never  the same.  We’re tied to one another now, just like in Stand by Me

Oh, and here’s a video of me getting schooled by a water fountain.

I got schooled #water #soaked #fountain

A video posted by jopincushion (@jopincushion) on


I’ve always wanted to teach a film studies course, but going to grad school for film is the equivalent of flushing a lot of money down the toilet.   I may never be able to teach at a collegiate level–but at least Main Line School Night has given me a home!  I had a great time teaching students about Tim Burton and the horror genre.  My students were great, I even had a 15 year old girl in my class that loved Marilyn Mason/Hot Topic.  Any teacher that says they don’t have favorites are liars, that chick ruled.  I’ll be teaching a movie musicals course in the spring, so keep your eyes peeled!

Creepy Basement

This is one of the best things that happened to me this year.  Woodshop Films allowed me to produce and host an interview series called Creepy Basement.  I love horror, and I wanted to interview local and national talents within this genre.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Karen Scioli (Stella The Maneater from Manayunk) for the first episode. As a horror host enthusiast I was floored to meet her.  I also had the chance to talk to Lloyd Kaufman who told me all about the smell of his college roommate’s feet.

This show wouldn’t be a reality without Johnny Zito, Marc BrodzikPaul Triggiani, and Kevin Gallagher.  These guys are great to work with and I can’t wait to do more of it in 2014.

Here’s the latest episode of Creepy Basement with Miss Liberty Rose!:

I found out I like story telling

Probably the thing that jumpstarted my desire to really pursue stand up was Hillary Rea‘s Tell Me a Story series.  I told her that I’d love to give storytelling a try, and she was nice enough to invite me to participate in Tell Me a Story’s Animal.  I put together a little tale, and it went off without a hitch!  This made me realize that I enjoy telling stories rather than just attempting to be funny and fire off joke after joke.  I hope Hillary invites me to participate in 2014.  I had a great time and would love to do it again!

Animals: Jo Pincushion from Hillary Rea on Vimeo.

Paperboy 3: The Hard Way

Finally!  I was in something the internet actually saw!  More importantly, I was able to finally work with Newt Wallen on something awesome.  I really can’t express how much I love this video.  Sure, I was type cast as the secretary–but this is one of the top comments.

Fuck yeah no downvotes!

You can see the episode on Silvermania (another awesome web series) or just watch it here!

Seeing KoRn….for free

Yet another time in my life where I wish I had a time machine to transport myself back to  15 year old Jo Pincushion, and show her how awesome adulthood will be.  Thanks to Jennifer Logue and RockOn Philly I was able to review a KoRn concert.  Which meant attending one for the first time for free.  For those of you that don’t know me that well–this was a big deal for teenage Jo Pincushion, (who owned her very own sequin/velvet KoRn jacket)  and it was the best night ever!

Getting Robert Rodriguez to sign my Machete Kills Poster

Special thanks to Dan Tabor for helping this moment happen.  I didn’t even expect to have the chance, but there I was at the Machete Kills screening at the Ritz knowing that afterwards Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, and Alexa Vega would be there to answer questions.  The film was awesome, and it was cool to hear Trejo talk about his Lady Gaga pots and pans collection. Once the Q & A was over I noticed people wandering towards the front of the theater where the A listeres were being escorted out.  Robert Rodriguez was staying behind to sign things for fans, and I had a small promotional poster in my hands from the cocktail hour before the screening.

I floated to the front of the crowd and handed him the poster, “Thanks for coming out.”  He smiled as he handed it to me.
THANKS FOR MAKING AWESOME MOVIES!” I awkwardly blurted back as I ran off into the night with my signed Robert Rodriquez poster.

Taryn Manning loved my Pennsyltucky Halloween costume.

Just like every other Netflix subscriber I marathoned Orange is The New Black and naturally fell in love with Tiffany “Pennsyltucky” Doggett.  The second I realized how cray and twisted this character was, I knew I had to Cosplay as her.  Steve Saturn helped me come up with an awesome way to do that.  We both agreed the final scene of Season 1 was the best way to portray the character but Steve wanted to take it a step further.  Thanks to his awesome makeup skills we did “Pennsyltucky Post Beat Down” and had a great Halloween.

The day after, I sent out some tweets about the costume and on a whim I tweeted Taryn Manning.  Holy crap she tweeted me back!  I guess I can say I have a “celebrity endorsed cosplay” now.  Boo ya!

A Very Pincushion Thanksgiving 

I teamed up with local restaurant The Farmacy to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and that’s raise money for charity.  Not only was this a really fun event but we were able to donate money and canned goods to one of the most important organizations in Philadelphia, Philabundance.  A very Pincushion Thanksgiving raised 556 lbs of canned goods and our donation will provide 500 meals to those in need in Philadelphia.

10 year High School Reunion

I grew up watching films like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Grosse Pointe Blank so I had certain expectations before walking into my High School Reunion.   Naturally, I wore my Geek Awards light up dress (because why wouldn’t I?) to the affair.  No, I didn’t do an interpretive dance to Time After Time but it was good to reconnect with so many talented people again.  I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated High School.


28 sure was eventful and it took me nearly two days to put this post together.  That’s why I think my life needs to be simplified as I approach my *shudder* 30s.  I’m going to make 29 the year that will make all the hard work in my 20s worth it.  I’m ready for the challenge and I’m open to letting my journey take me wherever I need to go.  Here’s hoping!

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