Happy Halloween, Steve Saturn!

Happy Halloween, Steve Saturn!

We’re back with a special spooky episode of the podcast. It’s Halloween, and you already know that it’s my favorite holiday. I’m determined to celebrate it despite the coronavirus, and I wanted to sit down with someone significant to me, Steve Saturn.

The last time Steve was on the podcast, we talked about The Zombie Apocalypse–and here we are living together during a pandemic in 2020. The irony! I decided to continue this Halloween “tradition” of embarrassing my boyfriend to document what life has been like under lockdown.

Steve and I discuss what it’s been like living together during a pandemic, and we share some of our favorite Halloween memories. So grab a bowl of candy and plugin for this sugar-fueled episode.

If you haven’t sent in your mail-in ballot, please drop it off at your nearest polling place or dropbox. If you’re able–please vote early and in person. This is a crucial election, and you don’t want to sit this one out! The future of this country depends on you.

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