Jo Anna Van Thuyne

Hi! I’m Jo Anna Van Thyne. I’m an actor and producer from Philadelphia currently living in New York. I studied at The UCB Training Center in NYC and The Penny Templeton Studio.

I am the creator of the web series Mezza Morta and the host and producer of the podcast Apocalypse…Now?

My behind the scenes career started with ShadowBox Pictures as their associate producer working on a number of commercials. I’ve gone on to work on various projects like The Suspect, and worked closely with Scrapple TV to produce quality online content.

If you’ve got an idea or a character that needs to be brought to life– I’m your girl! You can contact me at [email protected] or 610.724.8184. I look forward to hearing from you and excited to work with you.

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Demo Reel:

Jo Anna Van Thuyne’s 2016 Demo Reel.

My Projects:

Mezza Morta Prequel from Jo Anna Van Thuyne on Vimeo.

I am the creator of the web series Mezza Morta. The series is currently in the fundraising process for season one, and you can see the proof of concept video above. Mezza Morta is a reanimated corpse created by two Russian scientists in order to infiltrate YouTube and influence the American public. Find out more at

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. Feel free to give me a call to talk about your next project! 610.724.8184