Creative Work

I’ve always had a desire to create.  I’m lucky enough to have the flexibility that allows me to exercise my creative muscles every day, and I have a great body of creative work to show for it.  I have a distinct passion for writing and comedy.  I’m an actor, comedian, podcaster, and filmmaker.  I have an array of creative endeavors and I’m always looking to collaborate with someone new.

I currently produce the podcast, Apocalypse…Now?

I am also the creator of the web series, Mezza Morta. Mezza Morta is a reanimated corpse created by two Russian scientists to infiltrate YouTube and influence the American public. You can find out more at

You can see the Mezza Morta proof of concept here: 

Mezza Morta Prequel from Jo Anna Van Thuyne on Vimeo.

Banned Books, “Armor” Music Video (NSFW)

Banned Books – “Armor” (official music video) from Hanna Hamilton on Vimeo.

American Exorcist

Paperboy 3: The Hard Way

Welcome to Anhedonia (Producer)

The First Step

Meat Man: The Musical

Meat Man: The Musical- Short Film Trailer from Reel 9 Productions on Vimeo

Meat Man: Live Theater Performance from Reel 9 Productions on Vimeo.


I’m always looking for new projects and characters to bring to life.  If you have a project you think I’d enjoy feel free to contact me at  [email protected].