I’m Being Studied Yo!

I’m Being Studied Yo!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] don’t think this was ever on my long list of goals in life.  Not because I didn’t want it to happen, but because I didn’t even think anything like this would happen to me.  When I was contacted by Marc Bonanni after he saw my performance in Evil Dead, little did I know I would be receiving a nice little career surprise.  He liked my writing, and wanted to know if it was alright that he use one of my blog posts for his class.  You see, Marc teaches a class called Sociology of Pop Culture in which the classe discusses different generational identities.  Marc wanted to use my In Defense of the Millennials post in his syllabus.  I was floored!  Wow, someone was actually going to be forced to read my work for college credit.  Go me!

Marc contacted me again in January, and asked if I’d like to be interviewed for the class.  He wanted to turn the interview into a required podcast episode for the class.  So, not only were these kids reading something that I wrote, but they’d be listening to my opinion on The Millennial’s plight.  I was really honored.  I never thought in a million years anyone would be studying my opinions.  If I could print this accomplishment out… I bet my mother would stick it on her fridge.

Here’s the interview with Marc for his class.

I hope I can do more things like this in the future.  Not only academically, but professionally.  I may not have a masters in Millenniology, but I am one.  I’d love to be able to represent our generation, and be a voice for so many of us who just want to succeed.  If you’d like me to speak to your gaggle of young impressionable minds send an e-mail to [email protected] .

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