Kali Tripodis Takes You To Chromatica

Kali Tripodis Takes You To Chromatica

As America gets ready to turn 245, the country wonders how they could celebrate with so much destruction and pain happening in the land.

Enter: Lady Gaga and her 6th studio album: Chromatica.

I know this 4th of July is going to be an awkward one, but we still need a mental break every once in a while. I needed this episode to be a little lighter than the previous ones, because –I wanted to be able to celebrate something. This album has given me the ability to celebrate and feel joy among this chaos.

A few weeks ago, I talked to my friend Kali Tripodis, a fellow Little Monster, about Gaga’s new album and how it’s ushering us into a new age. Initially, I wanted this episode to kick off pride month–but more important things came up. We focused on the fight for equality instead of giving in to the corporate rainbow, and I’m so proud! I think this episode is the perfect send-off to Pride 2020 and directly into Post-Apocalyptic Chromatica.

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