Listen Craigslist…

Listen Craigslist…

In this economy may people are applying for jobs over the internet.  There’s CareerBuilder and Monster–which are pretty much crap.  You can easily use LinkedIn, but the postings aren’t updated as frequently as the unemployed need.   The only site that has a vast variety of jobs and are posted every day– is Craigslist.  Good ‘ol Craigslist.

Sometimes I get legitimate gigs, but most of the time my resume gets ignored.  This is pretty standard when it comes to applying for jobs over the internet.  With Craigslist though, I encounter opportunities that question my intelligence.  Now, mind you—I am not stupid.  I’m also not kind of person to buy counterfeit purses out of the back of a van.  Craigslist has managed to become a place where con artists can conveniently target the unemployed and desperate.  When I encounter these job scams I get extremely angry.  This is a horrible economy, and people are struggling.  These assholes think they can take you for a ride because you’re desperate to find a job.

Oh.  You need my credit information?  Sure!  I’ll send it your way.  Don’t worry about the fact that you only contacted me through e-mail, I’ll ignore that— and when I ask to speak to with someone, you’ll disregarded that entirely– I’ll be totally cool with it. Wow.  You MUST be a legitimate company that isn’t trying to steal any of my money AT ALL.


Awesome! I got an interview!  Let me put on my best pencil skirt and corporate blazer! Then I’ll drag my ass to your shady shack in bumblefuck PA– only to realize that your “legitimate money making business” is really just a pyramid scheme.  You want me to come in for door to door sales training?  For 8 hours?  WITHOUT PAY? Oh fuckin’ hell YES!  Where do I sign up?

Listen Craigslist scams, where do you get off? What gives you the right to blatantly steal time and money from people who are in a terrible situation?  It’s people like you that make me wonder about the state of the human race.  I honestly like to believe that everyone is inherently good.  Actions like this just proves to me otherwise.

I hope that when and if The Rapture ever happens,  Jesus comes down and says, “Yo, you assholes on Craigslist.  I’ve reserved a special place in hell for you fellas.”

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