Mezza Morta: How Filmmaking Has Helped me Enjoy The Fruits of my Labor

Mezza Morta: How Filmmaking Has Helped me Enjoy The Fruits of my Labor

Throughout my creative life, I’ve tried to find a medium that I connected with completely. I’ve pursued many artistic endeavors. From fronting a punk band to hamming it up in the theater– I enjoyed these creative expressions… but I never really felt satisfied. I didn’t feel like I belonged in the cliques of college theater. The hours of rehearsal and energy I put into singing in a band left me feeling like I’d created something mediocre and adolescent.

I wouldn’t say these efforts were failures. In fact, I’d do them again in a heartbeat, but nothing brings me more joy (and pain) than filmmaking. Filmmaking takes time, planning, and a shitload of stress–but it all feels worth it once you hear that audience laugh.

The Mezza Morta Prequel has been screening around the NY/NJ/Philly area, and it’s been going swimmingly. I learn so much when I go to these screenings. Not only do I get to meet really awesome filmmakers, (a lot of which are FEMALE!) but I also get to experience an audience reacting to my work. Watching the Mezza Morta Prequel at a screening is a completely different experience from watching it on Vimeo.


Nothing brings me more joy than hearing some old nerds in an audience groan as Dr. Romanov takes a hammer to the screen of that old Macintosh. I get giddy when the room falls silent as soon as the words, “Make America Great Again” escape my lips. It’s the artistic reciprocation I’ve been searching for.

Screening the Mezza Morta Prequel at events like NY Short Film Tuesdays, PopUp Anthology, and The Martini Shot Collective has been a new experience for me. It’s been an exciting new venture that I’ve found extremely gratifying.

I’ve been feeling so much love and encouragement from Philadelphia, the city where I grew up. The Mezza Morta Prequel screened at The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival Lite in March, and it will be screening at The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in May. It feels great to be encouraged by The City of Brotherly Love.

The Mezza Morta Prequel will be screening at The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in May 2019.
The Mezza Morta Prequel will be screening at The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in May 2019.

Screening my work at these events has given me a few important lessons. As a writer, I’ve learned that pacing is everything– and you don’t want the audience to miss a line while they’re laughing at the previous one. I now know that the final sound mix of a project is vital to its success. While the Mezza Morta prequel’s sound isn’t terrible…I know the first season of Mezza Morta can sound better.

Speaking of–yes! There are more episodes of Mezza Morta. People are always telling me how they love the prequel, and they want to know if there are more episodes. So I’m happy to report… there are!

That is, they’re currently written down on paper. I created The Mezza Morta Prequel so people could get a glimpse into the Universe I’m trying to create. In fact, I wrote Season One of Mezza Morta before I wrote the prequel.

Mezza Morta Prequel poster by Steve Sistilli

My hope is to raise enough money to film Season One this summer and release the full web series in time for the 2020 Election. When we reach our fundraising goal, you will see so much more of this creepy character. She’s not just a severed head. She’s a fully reanimated corpse!

There are four other amazing comedians on board ready to bring these characters to life. We also have a dedicated team of filmmakers ready to bring my vision to fruition, and I’m not paying them in exposure!

You can help give this project the green light.

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You can also pick up some kick-ass merchandise from our store. Promote indie horror while raising money for Mezza Morta: Season One!

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