Shem Pennant Explains OG Racism

Shem Pennant Explains OG Racism

Not so fast, Karen! The Apocalypse hasn’t finished it’s shitstorm yet. The weather may be getting nicer, but the pandemic is definitely still around. Good thing I’m here to remind you to put on your mask and that Black Lives Matter.

We continue to amplify black voices this week by sitting down with comedian Shem Pennant of UCB. Shem is a hilarious comedian who works with the sketch team The Foundation and Trash Comedy. He’s also from South London, so I wanted to know how he was feeling “during these tumultuous times.”

Shem and I talk about the importance of representation, what it feels like to be a black comedian in the UK and the US, and how taking a selfie right now isn’t really important. It’s a great conversation, and I know you’re going to love it.

Remember: Donate wherever you can this week, and support black-owned businesses for Juneteenth. I’ve updated my Instagram profile with easy links to a few charities you can donate to.

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