Slightly Special Wants To See Leadership

Slightly Special Wants To See Leadership

This Apocalypse keeps getting more difficult as Americans across the country engage in peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter while instigators see opportunities for chaos. Curfews have been issued, and tear gas has been deployed. On Monday, while standing in the rose garden, President Donald Trump released the National Gaurd and threatened to use the military force against American citizens. Attorney General Barr then gave an order to flash-bomb and tear-gas a peaceful crowd so the president could take a photo holding a bible in front of a church. This goes without saying, but things are a little tense in the ‘ol US of A.

This week, I wanted to talk to someone that I knew had different opinions from me. I kept hearing the same messages with the same talking points from all of my friends on social media–magnifying my anger and sadness. I also knew that people who were outside of my social network circles were angry about other aspects of this apocalypse–like looting. I felt like it was essential to try and have a conversation with an opposing viewpoint because we need to have more conversations with people who may not agree with us.

I reached out to my friend, Jimi, AKA: Slightly Special of Slightly Special Media. We’ve been following each other on social media for a few years, and I always enjoy seeing his projects. Slightly Special also happens to be a mixed-race military man. I knew I had to talk to him to see his different viewpoint, so I had to have him on the show. I was glad I did–because we were able to listen to each other and talk openly about how we felt.

I also think it’s important to amplify black voices at this time, and next week, I will be playing a conversation I had with Wes Cherry on his show, the Correctly Mistaken podcast. Until justice happens and real reform starts, I think featuring these voices on the show is a more valuable approach than muting this apocalypse broadcast.

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