Thanks for Oversharing

Thanks for Oversharing

Really internet.  I loved you.  I used to love everything about you.  You were funny, you were new, and you brought me unlimited amounts of porn.  You were everything I needed, and my parents had no idea how to use you.  It was a great time for self discovery and expression.  Nowadays, I find myself hating the internet more and more.  Sure, the trolls have always been there–but they’re easy to ignore.  It’s the oversharing that’s tearing down my perfect internet kingdom.

The more people that sign up for Facebook the more I end up hating it.  Within my newsfeed I discover thing’s about my “friends” that I never needed to.  I have seen excrement scroll down my newsfeed.  I’ve learned that my friends have various emotional passive aggressive breakdowns.  I see the sons and daughters of girls that used to call me a freak in high school.  I learn about death, abortion, miscarriages, and muggings via my social networking system.  My internet friends are beginning to share extremely intimate moments in their lives.

Is anything sacred anymore?  I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of the occasional passive aggressive tweet–but I’ve moved far past those means of expression through social media.  I find myself wondering over and over again why I should care that my friend Joe is having dinner at Silk City, or why I feel the need to take a photo of street art and apply a photography filter to increase it’s artistic value.  I don’t ask why I crave those things, but I do ask why certain people share certain things.

Why are we now socially required to update our “relationship status”?  It’s like it’s our responsibility to advertise our extremely personal relationships.  Why are new mothers posting public photographs of their children on the internet?  I really don’t understand how someone can have photos of their kids posted so nonchalantly onto a website browsed by millions of people.  I remember when people AVOIDED seeing your vacation pictures.  Now, when you post them on Facebook EVERYONE is clamoring to look at what you did during your weekend in Thailand.

I think everyone needs to take a step back and think twice before they post anything anywhere.  When I teach parents about internet safety, I tell them to ask their children if they would yell what they post online off of the top of their school building.  Think about it.  Would you stand on the top of your roof and yell “I really can’t stand my in laws anymore.  They’re constantly telling me to have a baby but I don’t know if I’m ready.”  No, you wouldn’t–because everyone would know your business and any idiot could yell terrible advice back to you.  So think before you post people.  Keep things to yourself, and don’t forget that privacy is perfectly healthy.  Go against the grain and show Mark Zuckerberg that you don’t need a “life event” in your timeline to prove that you actually have a life.

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