This ER Nurse Doesn’t Feel Like a Hero

This ER Nurse Doesn’t Feel Like a Hero

While the rest of the country ignores lockdown suggestions and bars and restaurants start seating people outside, coronavirus cases continue to rise in states like Texas and Florida. The United States has taken a healthy dose of denial as we watch our “flattening ” of the curve surge up past our Canadian neighbors and EU BFFs.

As protestors remain in the streets, our first responders continue their harrowing defense against this new virus. This week, I wanted to talk to one of my dear friends, because she has been an ER nurse for the past 13 years. As soon as coronavirus hit the US–I contacted her to make sure she was okay. (And to get the inside scoop on how Philadelphia was handling the crisis.)

I also asked if she would be interested in sharing her experience on the podcast. Sarah has always been my #1 go-to person in cases of emergency, or if I needed help with something. Her chill, level-headed attitude has helped me countless times. I asked her to be on the show in March, but she hasn’t had the ability to formulate her thoughts until now. To hear her be so distraught and worried about this pandemic really gave me pause.

After Black Lives Matter protests erupted Sarah finally reached out and told me she was ready to talk about what she was experiencing. Later on Instagram, I saw her handing out hand sanitizer and masks at the Philadelphia protest. Sarah has seen a lot of inequality for years working in North Philadephia as an ER nurse. I knew she had something important to say as a health professional and an ally.

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