Travis View Takes on Q(Anon)

Travis View Takes on Q(Anon)

We are deep into summer amidst a pandemic, and the restlessness is palpable. Uncertainty and boredom have led Americans down the rabbit hole into QAnon territory, and this online movement is seeping into the real world. Qs are taking oaths on Twitter and running for Congress, and it looks like these Digital Soldiers are mobilizing towards and apocalyptic event.

Is QAnon hinting towards things to come, or is it all a crock of shit? I reached out to Travis View of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast looking for some answers. Travis was happy to take the time to talk to me about the history of QAnon, some of the conspiracy theories holding it together, and the dangers it presents to our democracy.

It’s an interesting conversation and I know you’re going to dig it.

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