Why Hide my Awesome?

Why Hide my Awesome?

So yes, I am looking for a job— and I’m working pretty hard on the searching front.  Thing is…I’m all over the internet.  When I was just entering the real world I hid everything about myself online.  Why?  Well, there were photos of me having a little too much fun in college, and not enough photos of me vigorously studying in LaSalle University’s Student Library.  Nowadays, I really want to be working in Social Media.  All of my stuff was private though.  So, how could I show my online presence– when I felt the need to hide it from future employers?

Part of the reason I was so unhappy with my last job stemmed from the fact that I had to hide who I was.  I’m a raging Liberal who loves zombie movies.  If I had broadcasted that over the internet, I would have automatically been deemed inappropriate.  Thing is, I don’t really do anything offensive.  Actually, I really don’t intend to offend anyone with the artistic things I do.  Yes, every once in a while I may say something on Twitter that is borderline offensive— but who doesn’t?

My online behavior has actually grown up!  I’m very proud of the things I blog about.  My costumes for various events are impressive.  I don’t spend my weekends pounding drinks and acting “a fool” —I actually do responsible activities that are fun AND showcase my ability to work hard.  So….why hide it?  I’ve decided to take my Facebook out of the dark.  Making some of my information public, but mostly its just for friends.  This does mean, however, that my family and potential employers will see it.  We’ll see how it goes, but I’m not too worried about it.

See, the way I figure—if a potential employer looks at my Lady Gaga skeleton makeup and thinks Jesus Christ this girl is a freak. Then I don’t want to work for them.  If they think Wow, her pictures of the event are really cool, and the article she wrote for Geekadelphia was great.  Then I’d love to work for them.  In a recent interview, the employer googled my band Invincible.  I was a little worried but they said, “Hey, anyone that shows passion for things they don’t get paid for only says that they are willing to put that much more effort into their job.”  So yeah.  Future employers,  Google me.  I’m really nice, responsible, passionate, and dependable.  If you like what you see then we’ll work wonderfully together!

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