Why You Need To Start Podcasting NOW

Why You Need To Start Podcasting NOW

The internet is a vast collection of content. Contributing to that collection is an important way to promote yourself, especially when economic times are hard and your live performance options are few and far between. 

So how are you going to continue cultivating an audience?

Do you even know how to use TikTok?

How many flawless photos can you post on Instagram before losing your mind?

Sure, you could accumulate followers on TikTok or hire a photographer to help you create the perfect Instagram timeline–but those methods take up a lot of time, and the reward isn’t acquired very quickly. 

You’re a performer that wants to build an authentic audience that will love whatever you create. You can find those people, through podcasting.

Wait…podcasting? Really?


With everything shut down, starting your own podcast allows you to stay relevant, and when you implement podcasting you start to see benefits right away. Podcasting isn’t just about uploading episodes, sharing them onto social media, and promoting yourself. It’s your own personal publicist that introduces your authentic self to eager listeners.

Not only will you grow an audience, but podcasting can become a crucial networking tool that will benefit all of your creative endeavors.

Here are some more reasons why you should think about podcasting NOW. 

The Networking

You might not realize this, but having guests on your podcast is a fantastic form of networking. 

We can’t have happy hour mixers or improv meetups during a pandemic. Podcasting allows you to turn those Zoom meetings into a high-value networking experience. 

Instead of sharing a cup of coffee with a fellow thespian, imagine bringing them onto your podcast to talk about the craft they love so much. They’ll feel flattered and eager to share their creative process with you. 

Trust me, when people sit down with you to talk about themselves–they are going to feel like a celebrity! Creative people like to feel important, and when you make a colleague feel like an A lister…they won’t forget it!

Your networking opportunities don’t end with your fellow comedians. You can reach out to industry experts, educators, and the movers and shakers of adjoining industries. 

The podcast medium allows for a casual conversation with your guests, and this relaxed and intimate environment brings out some amazing stories.

You might not get these kinds of stories in the crowded lobby of a theater during an intermission.

When you record a podcast episode with your guest, you feel closer to them, and they’ll love sharing their journey with a captive audience.

The Buzz

In a world where everyone has an Instagram and Facebook Page–how can you stand out? 

Some people will tell you that the podcast market is oversaturated, but they only feel that way because everyone is paying attention to podcasts. 

Which is why you should too. 

Americans are becoming increasingly aware of podcasting. 

Podcasting is approaching the mainstream. 70% of Americans are aware that podcasting exists, and 51% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast. 

Experts are projecting that podcast advertising revenues will surpass $1Billion by 2021. 

That’s a brand new medium waiting to jump off! 

The Time

Podcasting is such a versatile medium. 

If you have a budget, you can easily find a podcast production company that will hold your hand throughout the process. (Oh, hey I can help you with that!

They record, edit, and distribute your show for you. All you need to do is set up those fantastic networking opportunities (i.e., podcast guests) and sit back and enjoy the praise your episodes will receive. 

If you’re an artist on a budget–you can podcast too! 

You don’t need to start your show sitting in front of a condenser microphone in a high-end podcast production studio. 

If you can’t handle NPR like podcast production costs, don’t worry. All you need is a microphone, a computer, and a Zoom account. 

You can hire a podcast production coach (hi again) that will teach you how to record interviews on the go or from your laptop. 

They can also help you find the right podcast production equipment that will make your show sound great within your budget. 

Some people enjoy recording interviews for their podcasts, but they don’t have the time to edit and distribute their show. 

Those podcasters usually send their audio files to a podcast post-production service (I do this too!) where their .wavs are edited together as one episode and then uploaded to various podcast distribution channels. 

The amount of time you spend on podcasting all depends on your budget and interest in the post-production process. 

You should expect to make an investment either way. 

Remember, you’re not just investing in a .mp3 people can listen to–you’re creating unique networking opportunities while promoting yourself, finding your voice, and cultivating an active audience.

The Money

Every new podcast requires a little investment, but the possibility of reimbursing yourself for that investment is increasing with each year. 

Radio ad revenue has remained stagnant for years, but podcast ad revenue continues to climb.  

Podcast ad spending is expected to hit $354 million by the end of 2020, making this medium an exciting place to advertise your products or services. 

Podcast audience demographics show that listeners are well educated and eager to purchase products recommended by their favorite podcasts. 

Their incomes are also significantly higher than the general population.

Not only will you be promoting yourself and your peers on your show, but you have the opportunity to generate and income!

If you focus on the content of your show and create a captivating podcast with a broad audience, you can seek out sponsorships. 

You could also seek sponsorships from colleagues you’ve worked with or businesses that support the arts. They’ll love promoting their products or services on your hot new podcast while helping you cover production costs. 

Podcasting is an exciting venture that can be tackled in several ways. The medium is forever changing, and your show can change with it. 

You’ll be surprised at the opportunities that will spring up after you’ve interviewed a few noteworthy people. 

If you’re convinced that podcasting is right for you, but you don’t know where to start, email me at [email protected] to set up a time to chat.

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